Volunteers (ages 15 and up) Need to log volunteer hours for school? ArtzHub volunteers are expected to enhance the overall experience of campers by lending a hand and by modeling positive behavior, at all times. They will put the needs of campers before themselves, at all times. They are proactive young adults that recognize what needs to be done. They show maturity, initiative and gumption by stepping in to help younger campers, if and when needed. They actively and mindfully contribute to the overall success of the camp. There is one volunteer position available per camp week. Volunteer positions will be filled at the sole discretion of ArtzHub Artist & Founder Kimberly McCullough. Background checks are required for all volunteers, annually, before volunteer position starts. Volunteers will be held responsible for agreed to tasks. No cell phones or electronics are permitted. Devices may be stored in personal belongings but may not be used during camp hours. Walkie-Talkies will be provided for communication between Volunteers and Camp Directors, as needed.

Volunteer Activities
We love our volunteers and enjoy working with them at camp! They help us in so many ways by being an extra set of eyes/ears/hands/hearts as we strive to provide a safe, fun creative experience to our campers. ArtzHub Summer 2022 Camps will be conducted at two Chapel Hill elementary schools - Morris Grove and Rashkis.
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