Second Harvest Food Bank Southeast North Carolina

The mission of SHFB is to feed, advocate, educate, and develop partnerships in the community to meet the nutritional needs by way of solicitation and distribution of healthy foods. We believe our vision is to improve access to a sufficient quantity of nutritious food for all in Southeast North Carolina which is achievable through three guiding principles: feed, advocate, empower. Feed: SHFB feeds those experiencing hunger through a network of 260 faith-based an non-profit member agencies as well as direct-to-client programs targeting vulnerable popluations. Advocate: SHFB advocates on behalf of those experiencing hunger by taking the lead in increasing awareness about hunger and educating our community about the social and policy issues that surround food insecurity. Empower: SHFB recognizes the connections between poverty, food insecurity, and poor health, and therefore empowers clients and partners in our community to holistically address hunger through nutrition educations programming, and benefit application counseling.

Volunteer Activities
WORKSTATION: o FOOD SORTING Volunteers are needed to help inspect and sort food donations to get them ready for distributions to those in need. This includes checking expirations dates, making sure cans are not rusty or missing labels, and boxing similar items together to put for our partner organizations to help stock their pantries. Age Requirement: 12+. Adult supervision is required for minors under 16. o WAREHOUSE AND GROUNDS MAINTENANCE Volunteers are needed on occasion to help with general warehouse and ground maintenance duties. This includes occasionally assisting with inventory and product order to cleaning and policing the park lot for debris Age Requirement: 16 + o CLERICAL WORK The food bank uses office volunteers to assist with mailings, filing and basic data entry. Assistance with mailings for special events and other food bank initiatives are scheduled as needed. Volunteer(s) will need to have to having operating /understanding of Microsoft Office. Age Requirement: Adults only.
Food and Shelter
Clara Dantas
Contact Phone
(910) 485-6923
406 Deep Creek Road
North Carolina
United States, 28312