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If you are a School or Business looking to enhance service learning, promote community outreach and volunteer activity, LetServe connects your Volunteers with Charites. Our Charity Directory provides volunteer opportunities categorized by interest and location. LetServe tracks volunteer hours and on-demand summary of volunteer data to measure your organization’s direct impact on the community.



Charities. Clubs. Non-Profits.

LetServe allows you increase your volunteer pool and participation. It functions as a marketing tool to create special events and broadcast to hundreds of potential volunteers. The paperless approval process is efficient and hassle free, tracks the total volunteer hours and quantifies the economic impact on the community.



Students. Employees. Families.

As a volunteer you can browse the LetServe Agency Directory and Events list to find the right volunteer opportunity. Adding an Agency to your list, allows for future notifications when a new event or volunteer opportunity arises. No more emails and paper documentation, you can now use your mobile app to log and track your volunteer hours.


Real-time Volunteer Log

Volunteers can now track their service hours as soon as they complete their commitment. At any time volunteers can view a summary of their volunteer activity.

Event Promotion

Special Events can be promoted in the application by the Organization. This provides more visibility to corporate wide initiatives that have a direct impact on community goals.

Event Registration Management

Volunteers can register for special events through the app and Agencies can receive a listing on registered volunteers.

Agency Directory

LetServe offers an Agency Directory with a listing of all participating local charities, non-profits and 501(c)3 organizations. Each organization/school can customize their listing based on their preferences. Volunteers can choose from a wide range of options based on interest and proximity.

Customizable User Profiles

LetServe provides the ability to define department level usage and an overall organization view. Users can customize and maintain their Profiles.


Volunteers receive notifications of new and upcoming events based on previous interaction with Agencies.

Agency Registration

Agencies complete a simple form and Organizations can customize their database from a list of all approved agencies.

Paperless Approvals

All volunteers hours are logged, approved and track in the app. No need for paper or additional spreadsheets

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